Will it rain on your house moving date? – how to avoid a soggy nightmare, top tips from Devon Movers

Rainy Boxes

Even the most organised home movers can’t ensure the weather co-operates on their moving day. Devon Movers know that moving can be a very stressful time for people and the prospect of soggy boxes and rain soaked mattresses’ is less than appealing. To help you through a rainy moving day, Devon Movers offer the following tips.


  • Check the weather forecast – this might sound obvious but still many people do not think about doing this on top of all the other considerations to think about when planning a move. Devon Movers recommend checking with 2 or more weather apps or sites for a more accurate weather forecast and check the forecasts daily leading up to the move.
  • Use strong quality packing tape – don’t be tempted to buy cheap packing tape.
  • Cover mattresses – Devon Movers recommend using thick mattress covers that zip up completely  – we use these as standard for all our removals. Not only do mattress covers protect against rain, they also prevent rips and tears.
  • Protect carpets – walking in and out of a property in the rain will play havoc with carpets and can make wood and tiled floor slippery and dangerous. Putting down carpet runners on floors will help protect carpets from damage – Devon Movers use absorbent carpet runners and have found these to be very reliable in offering the protection needed to carpets and floors.
  • Use boxes wherever possible – pack as much of your belongings in boxes as possible, black bags covered in rain water will drip and make anything else they touch wet too. Having some empty extra boxes and packing tape on the day of the move for last minute items can be handy too.
  • Cover furniture and artwork – use blankets and shrink wrap to protect bulky items – Devon Movers use these as standard.
  • If the rain is accompanied by cold weather – if your new home is nearby prepare the new home by putting the heating on and plug the kettle in ready!
  • Wear sensible non slip shoes and have slippers handy for all family members.
  • Make up a flask of hot water and keep a small box of coffee etc handy for warm drinks on the go for you and your family.
  • Use a professional removal company like the team at Devon Movers – we have all the above equipment and more to turn your rainy day move into a shiny success!
  • Ensure you choose a removal company that are fully insured to cover your belongings against any damages.